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How to a Start Blogging 2020


How to a Start Blogging 2020

How to Start a Blogging (step by step) full Guide 2020

How to a Start Blogging 2020

Suraj Kumar

You have come to the right place to start a blog and to make your life to start a blog.

To make easy revenue on autopilot through blogging, which helps you to live like a Boss. So to begin a blog is the first and critical advance that drives you to progress. 

But, After reading this guide, you will begin your blog today and clear a way for your prosperity. 

To begin a blog isn't confused in any way, yet all you need some direction, which causes you to start a blog

There are numerous advantages in the event that you start your blog and develop it and here Benefits of blogging which causes you : 

· Express Yourself:- Blogging is simply the stage that permits you to communicate by composing the substance for your crowd. 

· You can help other people and increase fans:- You can help the perusers by composing the substance on your blog, and by this, they will end up being your actual fans who consistently there for your help. 

· To bring in cash on the web:- Yes, You can bring in cash from your blog by doing Affiliate Marketing and Running Ads. on your blog. 

Follow some simple seven stages to begin your productive blog with no creation an error and I have additionally given you data about creation cash tips that help you to scale your new marked blog.

  •      Choose a Good Domain For Your Blog
  •      Get a Good Web Hosting Provider and Domain
  •      Starting a Blog on Wordpress.
  •      Choose an Attention-Grabbing Theme For Your Blog
  •      Write a blog and Publish Your Blog Post and to Make Live blog
  •      To Make Money From Your Blog

 Step 1

Select a perfect niche for your blog (Very Important)

This step is very important to start a blog and many new bloggers are stuck at this point.
   Do you know? 
  That is 99% of bloggers quit blogging in starting for six months because they choose the best which they don’t passionate about.
Best is like a topic but not a simple topic because they have several topics in it.
Before you figure out how to begin a fruitful blog, you should initially discover your specialty, make sense of how to make it beneficial, and make sense of who your optimal perusers are. To put it plainly, a specialty is a subject that you expound on frequently, or even solely, in your online journals. Specialty blogging is making a blog to promote to a specific market. Specialty sites are anything but difficult to adapt and they, as a rule, contain member joins, ads, and so on, and that is for the most part how they become productive. 

By picking the specialty of intrigue and having your own perspective, you'll have the option to separate your own blog thoughts from the opposition. 

You need to concentrate on these two components to discover the gainful specialty for your blog. 


· See that you can bring in cash from that? 

· They have enough subsidiary projects or not? 

· Is that specialty is having a decent volume of watchwords or not? 


· Are you keen on chipping away at that specialty? 

· Can you share the article of that specialty? 

· Can you take care of different issues with your composition on that specialty? 

I figure now you can locate the ideal specialty in the wake of seeing the above part, and on the off chance that you can't make sense of, at that point you can do this to locate a perfect specialty. 

· Take a Pen and paper. 

· Write down your advantage or which you are energetic about on the rundown. 

· Find the specialty which you preferred the most from the rundown 

· Also, discover a partner of that specialty 

· You are a great idea to go 

These are a few steps to locate a beneficial specialty for your new blog.

Steps 2
Choose a Good Domain For Your Blog
Many new bloggers, start blogging the availability of free blog platforms such as WordPress.com, Blogger, or Tumblr is tempting.

Choose the Domain name ".COM and .ORG" for your Blog.

By keeping your blog on a free platform, you let the platform own your name. You’ll be subject to their rules and restrictions. If you are looking to learn how to make money with a blog, they may limit or prohibit ads on your blog, or they may even place their own ads. If you’re serious about blogging, you’ll want to move away from free blog sites.
   Your domain name may be highly popular “.com” or it may be country or niche-specific. The general rule is to go for a “.com” domain, but some of the other extensions can work. For example, “.net” or “.me.”


  Recommended Domain Tool:-



Step 3

     Get Good Web Hosting Provider and Domain

   Web Hosting – A web facilitating is where every one of the documents of your blog is put away and show your blog lives when somebody attempts to get to that. Facilitating resembles the hard circle of the PC, which put away the entirety of your information (pictures, posts, pages, and some more) and keeping your information made sure about. 

These are the most Popular Webhosting Websites.

   Presently, would you say you are thinking which WordPress facilitating is best for you? 

    In light of our overview, a dependable supplier is Bluehost. 99% of blogging specialists propose utilizing it with WordPress.org.

How to a Start Blogging 2020

When you have successfully purchased a hosting and domain for you. You have crossed the most prominent stop on your way to start your blog.

Let go on and see how to set up your blog.

Step 4

Starting a blog on WordPress

1. Visit Bluehost

How to a Start Blogging 2020

2. Select your blog hosting plan

How to a Start Blogging 2020

3. Input your blog’s domain name

How to a Start Blogging 2020

4.Register for Bluehost

How to a Start Blogging 2020

  5. Select your hosting Package

How to a Start Blogging 2020

  6. Launch your WordPress blog with Bluehost

            Congratulations, we are almost there! Once you have your domain name and web hosting connected, it’s time to set up WordPress. Go to your Bluehost cPanel account, find the ‘My Sites’ section, and click Install WordPress.

How to a Start Blogging 2020

   Step 5

   Choose a Right Theme For Your Blog (Attractive)

  There are more than three thousand themes available on WordPress.org.

  You should choose a free, premium, or a custom theme when setting up a blog.

   1. Read the description
   2. Check for responsiveness
   3. Check the ratings
   4. Preview the theme

    Congratulations, you just learned how to create a blog, and after Completed Your new blog is ready for launch.

  Step 6
  Write a blog and Publish Your Blog Post and to Make Live blog

        It is safe to say that you are prepared to compose your first post on your blog? As a matter of first importance, I need to well do you that you have effectively set up your WordPress Blog, and now the time has come to make a few posts for your new blog. 

   For making a blog entry, you need to go to Dashboard → Post → Add New 

    From that point forward, you will arrive on your post, and here you can begin composing your first staggering post. 

        Presently, Let me give you a few hints that help you to make your first epic post: 

       In the event that you are confounded about finding the subject of your new post, so I prescribed you to do some catchphrase look into your specialty, and via looking, you will discover numerous amazing watchwords that are anything but difficult to rank. 
    suggest you go with long-tail catchphrases since it's simpler to rank. 

  Continuously attempts to make a magnificent title of your blog entry by utilizing numbers and force words. 

   Ensure you should include a few pictures for making your article progressively exhaustive; I emphatically prescribe you to make your article extensive and more in detail, and by more detail post, you can make your peruser you're a genuine fan. 

   I recommend you proceed with the on-page control so you can streamline your substance without any problem. 

       Use words like I and You to more associate with your perusers and attempt to don't take copyright pictures from google. I suggest you don't utilize copyright pictures to consistently utilize sans copyright pictures. 

I think these tips help you to make your first blog entry.

   Step 7

    To Make Money From Your Blog
   There are several ways which you can use to make money from your blog. In this part, we will discuss some ideas which you can use to handsome money from your blog.
    I have created a list of ways which helps you to make your first dollar online,
   Are you excited enough like me? 
   if Yes, then let’s move on to the list:

    Affiliate Marketing:
   This is one of the effective methods for making money online. In this, you have to promote other products on your blog, and if you get a sale of that product so then, you will get a commission from the product owner.

                Enrolling in affiliate programs

           Affiliate programs are ways of teaming up with retailers to promote their products and benefit from successfully carrying out sales through a commission. Some things that you need to consider when enrolling in affiliate programs:
  • The number of affiliate sales will strongly rely on the number of visitors you have.
  • You need to be credible enough for your visitors to click on your links.
  • You may want to consider placing a notice on your Terms of Use page that you do use affiliate links.
         There are a few popular online platforms that offer many affiliate programs you can enroll in Amazon AssociatesShareASale, etc.

    Advertising on your blog:
       Most of the common ways ever blogger uses this to monetize their traffic and make money handsome money out of it. Many bloggers are using it and making a decent amount of money. 
        Two leading websites Adsense and Media.net, You can apply to there program and make money from there.

     Offering Service:
           If you are an expert on anything like SEO so you can offer service to your reader, and they will directly pay you. This is one of the fastest ways to earn money from your blog.

    Selling your course or product: 
            If you know how to sell anything so you can create your path and sell to your readers, but before that, you have to build trust towards your audience if you already have an audience then you can sell them anything.
         These are the ways that you can use to make money from your blog. But always remember that if you want to make money from your blog so you have to keep patience and do hard work on your blog, and you will see your massive growth.

          Blog readers can leave comments and communicate with the author. In fact, dialogue and interaction are a popular part of a blog’s success.

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