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what is AJAX?

What Is AJAX?

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

•NOT a programming language but a way to use existing standards

•Made popular in 2005 (Google Suggest)

•Can interact with servers and files without needing to refresh the browser

•Works well with XML and JSON

How AJAX Works

what is AJAX?

AJAX Internet Standards

AJAX is based on current internet standards. It uses a combination of the following technologies…
XML Http Request object
 Lets us interact with server data asynchronously(without page refresh)
Java Script / DOM – 
Lets us interact with the information
CSS – 
Lets us to style the returned data
Often used as the format for transferring data

XML Http Request Object

The XMLHttpRequest JavaScript object is used to send and receive info to and from the browser asynchronously.
Object is instantiated differently in older versions of IE.

on ready state change Event

This event is triggered whenever the server readyState changes and holds the status of the XMLHttpRequest object. The important properties of the object are readyState and status
0: request not initialized
1: server connection established
2: request received
3: processing request
4: request finished and response is
200: "OK"
404: Page not found

Checking the status and readyState

Whole Syntax

PHP Conditionals and Reg

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